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The Right Attitude For Management Consulting

Date Added: May 20, 2012 08:03:27 AM
Author: Pams
Category: Business

A company that needs to have some management consulting means you'll need to hone your skills to bring them to fruition.  That calls for the right attitude and mindset.  In other words let's look at the right attitude for management consulting.

First of all the company you'll be consulting is your client. Plain and simple. They're the people paying you to do for them what they can't do.  They need your leadership and guidance and that means you'll need to show up with your A Game and remember that these companies, these clients are your babies to nurture.

The first thing you'll need to do is bring some reassurance to your clients.  You'll be having their attention right off the bat and that's the most delicate of positions.  They're going to look for you to set the guidelines of your consultation and that means you'll need to do so with aplomb.  Don't rush in there and start barking orders and getting all authoritative.  These are your clients you'll be consulting not some platoon of troops you're training to take Pork Chop Hill.  Start with a fine and simple assessment and share that with your clients.  You're going to be looking for their weak and strong points that you'll bring to their attention gently and work with them to weed out the weak points and strengthen them.  This calls for cooperation as well.  The team you're consulting with have to work as a team.  If they're reluctant then you need to up the discipline and authority and you should do so with the boss in tow.  Let him understand that you're here to solve problems not create them.  If the boss doesn't agree and work with you in tandem then you're just asking for trouble and you may have to put your foot down.  Remember, your goal is to get results, positive results at that.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You have to leave these clients with a battle plan that will resolve any existing problems and avoid any future ones.  You'll also be laying down the seeds of good conduct, discipline and strategies that are tailored to their specific industry and company profile.

Once this is done the consultation you've given your client should have been enough where they'll be sailing fine on their own.  They may call you in for brief fixer upper now and then but that means you've done your job right without throwing a fit, yelling and screaming and misbehaving yourself. 

Overall the responsibility is two-fold, your dedication to excellence and your client's dedication to excellence as well. That is what you're looking for as a management consultant from the start, the willingness to be the best even if it doesn't show yet in your clients. It's up to you to walk them through the theory of your approach and sound management theory to the application of said. Once that's done your client is going to realize you're the kind of management consultant that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

This is how the word gets out and you get more clients. 

Easy isn't it?

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