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Management Theory: Too Many Managers Spoil The Broth

Date Added: May 20, 2012 07:57:52 AM
Author: Pams
Category: Business: Management

That's a good thing to the point that sometimes there's too much management theory and that ends up sending a company into a tailspin.  It's best to focus on sound management theory as in this case like the old saying goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”, can apply here.

First of all, there is no set management theory that applies to each and every company and situation.  There are thousands of opinions as to what management is and how it should be controlled and handled.  One theory may hold that managers shouldn't eat lunch with their staff or that managers should walk the grounds of the office every 10 minutes or so.  These are just opinions  set to a level of accepted theory by some.  The real management theory is one that everyone can comprehend and apply with sanity and efficiency.

Not all offices can operate the same.  It's due to talent and resourcefulness, strategy and clientele.  You have customers and business partners and who knows how many associates of local government and public who love to poke their noses in now and then and give their two cents.  All the theory in the world can't make up for sharp senses can ingenuity.  The manager has to be on their toes to make sure that the bottom line of the corporation is protected.  That is just plain good sense and leadership.  Any management theory that doesn't include common sense and leadership and ingenuity is no theory at all.  It's a recipe for mismanagement, disaster and foolhardiness.  A well planned out management theory covers the basics, the right direction and leadership qualities that have been established before the manager sets foot in the office.  That theory should be sound and not be too harsh.  It should afford for both discipline and compassion, stern delivery of orders and the wise guidance as the procedures set in place are carried out. 

That's the serene side of things with one head manager and their team working the company so that things run smoothly.  When things don't run smoothly is when there are too many people adding their opinions to the management routine.  You'll see the mess that needs to be cleaned up with this happens.  There will be orders unfilled, phone calls missed and orders not completed.  You’ll see clients steaming with anger and products uncompleted.  You'll see turmoil amongst the employees and bills stacking up.  All because some one else has their opinion to stick into the sound management theory you've set up.  How does this happen?  Easily, it happens when a stern foot hasn't been put down by a responsible manager.  The responsibility lay on the senior manager and it's fine to take suggestsions but when some stockholder's nephew or the boss' daughter's new husband or that busybody new employ stick their noses into things it can all fall apart.  It calls on you the senior manager to establish which theor and following practical the company will follow.  Stick to your plan and establish an oversight procedure to make sure everyone is following it.  Not some, but all.  People will respect you for it and follow through.  If something goes askew during the process just pick yourself up and look for the weak point and keep plugging away.  A theory is only as good as it is practical.

Finally, other employees, managers, etc. are entitled to their opinion but not at the risk of the everyday operations.  You keep your head up and vision straight and leave the management theory up to you.

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