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What Is Quality Management?

Date Added: May 26, 2012 08:20:03 AM
Author: Pams
Category: Business: Quality Control

You might think that management today is any different than management of yesteryear but it's not.  What makes for quality management in the past makes for quality management today however the difference being we've more technology and a lot more people to manage.

To sum it up it's basically leadership and the ability to handle more than one person or material.  Today’s managers are faced with the same problems their counterparts of days gone by were.  How to get people to handle orders and follow procedures with the various types of goods and services they've got.  That's it plain and simple.  A manager has to be like a general on the battle field to be able to look at what's there and make sense of it , follow a battle plan and then get things done.  Not to wallow around in confusion and shirk responsibility.

A manager must be sharp nowadays as playing field has changed.  Nowadays people don't all work in the same office, some might be hundreds if not thousands of miles away.  Today's manager might run a company under the same roof or might have to work from a virtual office with a virtual staff.  No matter what the conditions, the quality management still calls for a person and a team of people who have their heads on straight.  They can set down the principles for a company to reach those goals.  They have to put this and that together and then make it all work out right.  They've got to get in there, look for strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and sacrifices, to expand and turn a profit based on a sound foundation that they must establish for the company.

Quality management is not about barking orders at subordinates or acting like the admiral of a battleship.  It calls for people skills too.  The kind of people skills bring about loyalty and perseverance.  To set that example of awareness, foresight, and leadership that brings about confidence among the staff and your customers and support people.  You're looked upon as the troubleshooter and if you start falling apart what do you think others are going to do?  That's right they'll fall apart too.  You can't allow the staff to see you angry or foolish.  You have to know what's going on via reports, statistics, and more.  You'll also have to go on your own intuition and stand by it.  You may have to take some positive criticism too and not let it irritate you.

You may have to get personal with the staff and even suppliers and colleagues.  In this respect it's wise to not to get too close as you may have to disconnect from some or fire some.  It's a tough decision but if evidence points to solid reasons to do so then so be it.  It's part of everyday business.

Overall, your quality management will depend on you and your staff leaders to establish goals, set up battle plans and carry them out without the negative characteristics that can sideline a company.

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