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Conduct For Doing International Business

Date Added: May 26, 2012 04:47:41 AM
Author: Pams
Category: Internet: Internet Marketing

Now that the world has become more and more of an international community on the run, it's wise to consider what it takes to become an international business.  That being said it also calls for knowing what kind of conduct you need for doing international business don't you think?

Other cultures have other priorities and ways of behavior. You need to realize this if you're going to do business in foreign venues. In the more advanced ranges of international business you'll definitely need to take into consideration the customs and mannerisms, religions and other cultural-isms of others if you want to do international business. 

For example if you’re thinking of doing business in China you'll have to observe their customs to a certain degree.  Even if you're a guest you need to do so.  If a Chinese company invites you to meet with them and they 'are the ones calling you in to do business you'll still need to know the greetings, general do's and don'ts about dining and interacting.  A major blunder could cause you not only your business but your reputation overall.  It's like going to France and not knowing what the Eiffel is or going to Spain and throwing popcorn during a bull fight at the matadors.  You just don't offend people or you'll lose friends and when it comes to business you'll be losing money and opportunities.  It doesn't mean to go overboard with your conduct but a little bit of study goes a long way.  Just knowing the simple greetings and mannerisms can go a long way. 

Generally speaking just common courtesy is enough to get by but the more you know about your foreign partners the better.  What generally works for one country works for another regarding business.  Let's look at some other things you need to take into consideration regarding your conduct while doing international business.

One mistake some business people make is that they make fun of foreign countries in their social media groups and not realize that their ally companies are aware of it.  All is good in fun but it calls upon you to be sensitive in what you do and produce.  When it comes to your promotional material don't create something offensive.  Don't add ethnic characters that could be offensive to your international client or customer base.  Keep a cool head about what you do and you'll be alright. 

So overall, make sure you pay attention to what you're doing.  Have your eyes and ears sharp and make sure you don't get sloppy and insensitive to your colleagues, clients, and customers.  Try to educate yourself about other people and their customs and keep your communications pleasant.  Don't lose your temper and respond with kindness when confused.  Often the worst situations come about because someone didn't take a few moments to keep a level head.

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