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Team Work Is the Key to Project Management

Date Added: May 22, 2012 03:11:21 PM
Author: Pams
Category: Business: Management

When planning a new project you'll have the project management team ready to go.  That means you'll be depending on your team to get the kind of job done that will bring about stellar results. This is why project management requires exceptional team work, wouldn't you say?

First of all to get that project management in tow you'll need that cooperation from the entire staff. You'll need to gather your group together and if things are done well from the start there should be an easy flow to completion of any project.

Basically, project management is about leadership, planning, and follow through.  It's about establishing a cooperative group who can comprehend orders and carry them out.  The leadership end is how you start things out as the group won't follow someone who can't stand their ground when it comes to starting a project.  To ensure a smooth operation just establish you and your lead staff.  Make it friendly but also emphasize the discipline required.  From there you'll have everyone's attention and then you can display the project at hand.  Let us say you're going to release a new product into your market.  You'll need to gather your staff and reveal what the product is.  Let them examine it, get their hands dirty so to speak so that they can clearly comprehend what the product is and how the work flow will be.  Each member should have that project sheet.  Each step of the flow chart should be clearly defined and you might want to do drills as well.  There is nothing wrong with drilling each step of the way until it becomes second nature.  Such procedures really pay off along the way.  The old saying that “practice makes perfect” surely applies here. 

Now that you've got your plan for your product displayed and drilled by your staff you got through the final testing phase where you can guide them through and try looking at how they perform with you looking over their shoulder and not.  If you've established that leadership factor the staff will follow through like salmon upstream.  If they require you or your junior managers to keep an eye on them then that lets you know where you need to apply more leadership presence and/or where your staff needs shoring up.  Remember, you're the management and you may possess skills the other staff members haven't achieved yet.  Keep a sharp eye for this because it's a big part of project management.  Knowing your staff's capabilities allows for better planning.  It also allows for you to estimate what type of education or training your staff may lack.  Remember, fine tuning your staff is essential.  Don't ever leave anything up to them to solve for themselves when it comes to important projects.  They may have a suggestion now and then but make sure they understand the suggestion procedure and not to innovate or diverge from your project outline and orders.

Overall, proper leadership and planning leads to team work that can't be beat and makes for exceptional project management that leads to profitable results.


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